Just like a car, computers run at their best when they are serviced regularly. But what does a computer service involve?

Our computers are sensitive souls. They like to be shown a bit of lover and tenderness occasionally!

Here at MCC, we love being able to get a poorly performing system running smoothly again. This is all part of our Annual PC MOT.


Deep Clean

Computers love to attract dust, deep into their inner workings, thanks to fans sucking in air to stop your CPU overheating. This build up of dust can seriously affect the performance of your computer.

The first step in our process is doing a thorough deep clean of your system. All signs of dust will be removed carefully, without damaging any delicate components.

CPU Reseat

You may not know this, but your CPU has a layer of thermal paste applied to it to enable efficient heat transfer to the CPU cooler. This paste degrades over time, and should be cleaned off and reapplied, which is exactly what we do.

Performance Benchmark

The next step is to assess how your system is performing. We'll run benchmarks to compare your computer to others with similar specifications. This will tell us what areas we need to focus on.


Updates are released so often, it is all too easy to fall behind. Driver and Windows updates are released to make your system run in the most efficient manor. We'll check that everything is up to date and running as it should.

Cable Management

This won't affect your system performance, but it will make it more pleasing on they eye, especially if you have a windowed side panel. We assess the best cable routing options and expertly tidy everything up for you.

Recommendation Report

It may be that, following all of the above, we don't see a huge performance boost. If so, we'll give you a report covering the recommended upgrades you could consider.