is your iPhone or iPad Screen Damaged?

It's too easy to drop and smash your iPhone or iPad screen. We can make your device look brand new again.

Phone and tablet screens are fragile. We've all been there; you accidentally drop it and your heart sinks when you hear it bounce off the floor. Or one of your beloved children kindly launches it across the room.

It's annoying, for sure, given how much we tend to rely on these devices. Thankfully, they are easily repairable, and we now offer this service here at MCC.

Common iPad and iPhone Screen Faults

Smashed/Cracked Touch Screen Glass

There is a thin layer of glass on all touch screen devices, caled a digitiser. This is a very fragile component and is the most likely to smash. If you have a crack on your screen, but the picture is still showing, it is likely you will only need to replace the digitiser.

Broken Display

If you have cracked the digitiser, there is a chance that the LCD panel beneath is damaged too. This is noticeable by any breaking up of the screen image. Lines, ripple effects, and black spots are all signs that the LCD also needs to be replaced.

White Screen

This may not actually be a fault with the screen and can actually indicate issues elsewhere. Usually, this will be an error during an update that needs to be reset. We can perform device tests to figure out exactly what is wrong for you.

Need some help?

If your iPad or iPhone screen (or any other similar device for that matter) is damaged, we can get you back up and running in no time.

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