Is your laptop screen broken?

If your laptop screen is cracked or not showing an image, we can help you get your system back online.

Laptop screens are fragile. They are the most common fault we see, here at Major Custom Computing.

From smashed LCD panels to faulty connections, we can help you get back online quickly and affordably.

Common Laptop Screen Faults

Smashed/Cracked Screen

Easily the most common, a smashed screen is easily recognisable. Typically, there will be a spiderweb type crack radiating from the impact point. You may also notice an inky like substance flowing across your image.

This damage cannot be repaired and a new LCD will be needed. Luckily, it's a fairly straightforward process.

Black/White Screen

A screen that is completely black or white could be an indicator that there is an issue with the data cable which connects your LCD to the motherboard. They do burn out occasionally but, more commonly, the connection has simply come loose. If the fault remains once the cable has been checked, then it may be a panel issue which will need to be replaced.

Screen Flicker

A laptop screen flickering does not necessarily mean you have a faulty screen. It may be that the drivers running the LCD are out of date or malfunctioning. However, if these are updated and working correctly, it is a good indicator that the screen is on the way out.

Lines across the screen

Lines running across your laptop screen are a classic sign that there is a fault with the data cable. It's either not seated correctly, or there is an issue with the cable itself. It could indicate an issue with the connector on the motherboard, but this is much rarer.

Tips for Laptop Screen Care

  1. Never pick up your laptop by the screen. They are delicate and this can easily cause a crack in the panel.
  2. When closing the lid, use two hands and apply even downward pressure on the top corners.
  3. Don't slam it shut!
  4. Make sure the keypad is clear before closing. Anything that pushed against the screen when closed is a sure-fire way to get a cracked screen.
  5. Invest in a good quality laptop case. This will reduce the shocks of travel and lessen the risk of damage.