Want to make your PC unique? Check out this guide to your options.

Having a PC built to your specifications is a great thing. You get so much more than an off-the-shelf-system. You are in control off all the parts that go into your rig, resulting in an end product that matches your needs exactly.

However, what goes inside your PC is just the beginning. For a PC to be truly custom, you need to go all out on the details and make it unique.

This guide will take you through some of the elements that can be customised to achieve this.


The ultimate customisation option. Custom water cooled loops look fantastic and really give your system that wow factor. That also means it comes with a price tag to match. The various components that make up the loop (CPU blocks, GPU backplates, water pumps etc) are expensive by themselves. The design and build process is also very time consuming, as you have to measure and bend all the pipes precisely.

Prices range from between £400 and £1200, dependant on the level of complexity and quality of components chosen.


Backplates can be added to your graphics card to hide the, often ugly, circuitry that sits on top. If your PC is going to be on display, it is a really nice addition to your system.

The beauty of them is, you can add anything you want onto the plate. Got a Star Wars themed PC? Add Darth Vader on there. If you are a streamer or a business and have a logo, that can be added too. You also have the choice to add RGB elements, as above.

Price wise, you are looking between £50 and £100.


Much like the GPU backplates, SSD and HDD covers add a bit of bling to your build. These are not always needed, as storage drives can be mounted out of sight, but if they are on view, maybe a cover is something to think about. Again, they are fully customisable to match any theme.

Prices are between £20 and £60.


If you are considering extra customisations, chances are you are going to be installing a hefty graphics card. The problem with big graphics cards is they tend to sag and don't line up perfectly. This is because they are only supported by a couple of screws and the PCIe slot. A solution to this is a support bracket.

These can be plain, or fully customised. Prices range from £20 to £80, again, depending on the level of customisation and RGB.


This could be a whole page by itself. Case mods can range from adding cut outs for more fans to resprays and custom decals. For inspiration, head over to

It's hard to put a price tag on this sort of thing as the level of work can be immense. If you wanted to go down this route, we would discuss your needs and provide an estimate.


This is an amazing way to make your mark on a PC build. Glass etching is relatively cheap, but can have a dramatic effect, especially when paired with RGB backlighting.